Living Green In a World of Color

Sarah HyltonLand stewardship as a path to abundance is Brad Lancaster’s slogan for his grey water and rain water harvesting methods. Based on being in a sustainable relationship to the resources of nature, this engineer inspired my pursuit of a landscape design overhaul. If he could take Tucson out of water scarcity and into abundant harvest consciousness, we could transform our urban lot to a food forest. With a determination to install grey water systems and utilize natural rain catchment my son and I proceeded to reinvent our relationship to our humble city lot and plant more food, hopefully harvesting an abundance to share. I had no idea how interconnected to my neighbors I would become or how our garden would grow beyond our yard.

Two pivotal links were made at the onset of our project, we learned of Daily Acts, and became a member of the Nextdoor platform, both free and user friendly. Daily Acts helped sponsor Brad Lancaster’s lecture and through their vivacious representation, my son and I committed to the Resiliency Challenge. This included vowing to plant fruit trees, expand an edible garden, install grey water systems, retain water with mulch, set up a worm bin and bee hives, work from home, become a locavore, and more. Nextdoor became the community link to help accomplish our intentions and Daily Acts helped expand our vision and offered hands on education for grey water installation and other possibilities. Being an avid organic gardener for decades, I had yards of soil to share and years of  perennial plants, bulbs and rhizomes to divide and offer. I posted this fact on the Free category of Nextdoor and voila, the work force converged. Soil was hauled away and plants taken for community gardens, residential treatment gardens, personal gardens and wonders yet to be seen. Not only did I clear my landscape in preparation for installing grey water, fruit trees, and mulch basins; we were able to experience the delight of neighbors I had never met, as they lovingly took plants and soil I had nurtured for over twenty years. Now this is truly a growing community on a budding project.

Sarah Hylton

Flower offerings that will bless new gardens.

For more on our path for grey water, rain catchment, sheet mulching and food forest installation stay tuned.

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